Who Are We?

Innovators. Trailblazers. Pioneers.

A first-of-its-kind learning and development platform created to empower first-generation scholars and professionals.  We've served over 200 students across more than 15 countries and offer programs in personal growth and professional development. 

See What Students Say

“My experience has been extremely valuable! I'm constantly challenged to think bigger and more deeply about my platform and how I can really serve my audience--providing ample amounts of resources along the way. I was able to redirect my content and differentiate myself within an extremely oversaturated market.”

S. Montgomery, Montgomery Weddings and Events

“I gained more insight on brand development as well as personal development. They go the extra mile to ensure that we are getting exactly what we need to leverage our business and to be successful entrepreneurs while working on our everyday lives. I've already started seeing the growth in myself and how it has had a direct impact on my business.”

E. Clark, ISupportBobs

“Exactly what I needed! Any and everything I can ever think to get, I start here first. You can count on them to help you get connected to people and resources that need to thrive. They're constantly sharing opportunities and go above and beyond to make sure we’re good.”

Ryan K., Serial Entrepreneur and Podcast Host

First-Gen Brands that Trust Us

Peep the Praise

“I have learned so much about how to leverage my podcast to build my business. Working with them gave me the confidence to serve my specific audience and grow a community around them. They know how to use a podcast to build authority and open doors for your business. I can't recommend their program enough.”

K. Hinds, Ideas to Life

“Sometimes when people hear "podcast," they think "hobby." What they teach is downright the business of podcasting. It's more than having a pretty mic, cute laptop, and pretty posts. Their program provides a foundation and archetype to ensure you maximize your podcast's potential. Best investment I've made for the business.”

A. Rich-Book, For the Love and Millennials

“Detroit Worldwide has over 10,000 downloads and has taken on a life of its own. Much of this would not be possible without your help. From editors to graphic designers, they selflessly shared so much wisdom with me. ”

M. Taylor, Detroitworldwide

Evingerlean Worldwide®

We've partnered with more than 75 organizations, including some of the world's top institutions, and have empowered over 20k+ scholars and professionals. We've advised dozen of entrepreneurs to obtain 15k+ in public speaking contracts, generate more than 100k global podcast downloads, and build e-commerce brands to 5 figures in 3 months.