How do I know if this is for me?

That's simple. If you answer "yes" to any of the following:

  • Are you first-generation college graduate and an aspiring or new entrepreneur who ready to make a difference in the world?

  • Struggling with getting started and/or staying on track with goals and know you can benefit from being challenged and held accountable?

  • Value personal development and believe investing in yourself is of utmost importance because you know nothing in you life changes unless you do?

  • Find yourself feeling like you're on an island of your own, discouraged, doubtful, fearful, frustrated, overwhelmed, or stuck and in need of direction?

  • Seeking to gain resources and tools to be a confident, knowledgable, and impactful as an entrepreneur so you can change lives and leave your legacy?

What Students Have Said

“Being a part of this has helped me gain more insight on brand development as well as personal development. Dr. Eve goes the extra mile to ensure that we are getting exactly what we need to leverage our business and to be successful entrepreneurs while working on our everyday lives. I've already started seeing the growth in myself and how it has had a direct impact on my business. Thanks to Dr. Eve for pushing me to the next level and seeing the worth and value in my business.”

Erica C., ISupportBobs, LLC

“Dr. Eve watered a seed that I had, and she can do that for you. Now, let's be real, she can't do the work for you but she will make sure you are set up for success and provide you with the resources to achieve your dreams. Not only does she provide structure and love for you, but she embodies this within herself.”

Dr. Tee B., Professor, Therapist, and Podcast Host

“Working with Dr. Eve has been absolutely amazing. I walk away from each meeting feeling so encouraged. I love being connected to people who get me, share selflessly, and are so supportive. It's the community for me! ”

Kelly D., Speaker and Consultant

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    How do I benefit from being a part of The FGEA?

    The First-Generation Entrepreneur Association™ is packed with goodness. Here’s what you'll get:

    • Complimentary notebook of your choice from The First-Gen Shop™ to help you plan and stay on track

    • Access to knowledgeable entrepreneurs who are first-generation and the most outstanding individuals across industries and the globe

    • Deep and lasting connections with an exclusive and supportive community of like-minded trailblazing first-generation entrepreneurs

    • Accountability to challenge yourself to reach your personal and professionals goals and be affirmed in your value

    • Increased confidence, improved mindset, better decision making, and greater clarity and focus for the journey ahead

    • Opportunities to discover impactful partnerships and find ways to engage in cross promotions to grow your business

    • On the spot, high-value feedback to help you overcome challenges, advance your skills, and increase your profits

    • 24/7 unlimited access to personal development and entrepreneurial resources

    • Priority access and exclusive offers for future programs and products so you can continue to make a difference in the world

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    We'll be back in action June 2022


      • When does this start and finish?

        Access is activated immediately and ongoing indefinitely unless payment is stopped.

      • What if I want to cancel?

        You cancel at any time, however, there are no refunds. You will remain in the association until your subscription expires.

      • What is the time commitment?

        It varies. Most of our engagements are no more than 90 minutes. The resources made available to you in your membership hub is self-paced, so you have the freedom to decide how much time to spend on the materials.

      • Can I purchase a membership as a gift?

        Of course! All you have to do is use that person's information (name and email address) at the checkout. When you're done signing up, they'll get an email and get immediate access to the program. We also advise using their last name as a temporary password that they can change once they have access to the account.

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        Hearing From The Community

        “Dr. Eve provided me with the foundation and encouragement I needed to move from the ideation to the execution phase. She has been a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to supporting her future efforts. ”

        Neferteri S., The Third Lieutenant

        “Dr. Eve’s mentorship is valuable for any and everyone, but as an entrepreneur, she really has a way of ensuring you are prepared with anything you need to succeed. She goes above and beyond and is open and responsive to any question or concern you may have. Dr. Eve is such a caring and rare individual with whom any person would be blessed to build a relationship and learn from.”

        Tianna C., Black Healing Advocate

        “To be honest, I had reservations at first because all of this business stuff is so new to me. Knowing what I know now, I actually wish I would have joined sooner. I make the time. The knowledge and wisdom I'm getting here is priceless.”

        Jen J., Consultant and Podcast Host

        Meet Dr. Eve

        Founder and Chief Strategist

        Evingerlean D. B. Hudson, Ph.D.

        Dr. Evingerlean D. B. Hudson, affectionately known as Dr. Eve®, was raised in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina by a single mother in a low-socioeconomic household. She went on to become a first-generation college graduate and even earned a Ph.D. at the age of 28. A higher education professional turned Founder and Chief Strategist of Evingerlean Worldwide®—an entity created to empower first-generation scholars and professionals across the globe. Of the many firsts she's created, a few worth noting are: The First-Gen Lounge™, The First-Gen Shop™, and First-Generation University™. She's touched tens of thousands of lives through her work serving audiences including Cornell University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Ohio State University, 1vyG, Social Knowbility, Women Empower X, Africa's Young Entrepreneurs, The United Negro College Fund, and National TRIO Programs. She hosts The First-Gen Lounge, an award-winning and #1 show in the world for first-generation scholars and professionals. Dr. Eve has been recognized as a BlkWomenHustle's Inaugural 20 Women to Watch Honoree, highlighted as a Future Millennial Millionaire by Creating Your Seat at The Table International Magazine, and featured in Rolling Out and Emoir Magazines.