Tired of Hitting A Brick Wall?

Starting and growing a business can certainly be challenging. So, we're here to help make it easy by providing you with the support you need to make moves. Here's what you'll get by working with us.

  • 60 minutes of our undivided attention to address YOUR business needs so that you can build your empire.

  • A fully loaded, high-value, information-intensive session that ends with ideas, clarity and action steps.

  • Increased confidence as an entrepreneur so you can move forward with ease and less overwhelm.

  • Practical advice, tools, and resources to immediately implement so you can grow your business, get to the bag, and make a meaningful impact.

  • Help without worrying about a long-term commitment and the freedom to schedule as many sessions as you desire.

Let's Collaborate

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and business is invest. Your future is worth it!

First-Gen Brands that Trust Us

Still Not Sure?

No worries at all. Here are just a few questions to get your wheels spinning. Does any of it sound like you?

  • Need answers about starting or running a business because you're totally clueless?

  • Thinking about a podcast, speaking, e-commerce or even consulting and just don't know what to do?

  • Struggling to troubleshoot a business-related problem and the internet just ain't helping?

  • Can't figure out what to do when it comes to pricing your products and/or services?

  • Trying to make sense of what to outsource and/or who you exactly you should bring on to your team?

Stop Playing Around!

It's not just spending money, it's investing. When you invest, there's always a return.

What First-Generation Entrepreneurs Say?

“This has helped me gain more insight on brand development as well as personal development. I've already started seeing the growth in myself and how it has had a direct impact on my business. Thanks for pushing me to the next level and seeing the worth and value in my business.”

Erica C., ISupportBobs, LLC

“A seed that I had was watered, and they can do that for you. Now, let's be real, they can't do the work for you, but they will make sure you are set up for success and provide you with the resources to achieve your dreams. ”

Dr. Tee B., Professor, Therapist, and Podcast Host

“Working the FGU Team has been absolutely amazing. I walk away from each meeting feeling so encouraged. I love being connected to people who get me, share selflessly, and are so supportive.”

Kelly D., Speaker and Consultant